The millionaire city Krasnodar - a new generation fish farmer

Krasnodar, Russian Federation

With the annual production of 5000 tons of fresh Atlantic salmon, Strizh-Aqua HUB will be the first large-scale RAS farm in the South of Russia built in the metropolis

Closed-type fish factory, “replaces” the seas and oceans, provides environmental protection and the cultivation of healthy fish without the use of chemicals and antibiotics.

The south of Russia, including the one-millionth Krasnodar, the agglomeration of Greater Sochi with the Black Sea resorts, is a region in Russia with rapidly growing economies and consumption.

Our salmon is produced only a few hours from the main markets and several days faster at the consumer than arriving from Chile, the Faroe Islands, Norway.   MORE ABOUT AS

In the industrial park Krasnodar, an hour's drive of a refrigerated truck to the center of Krasnodar, the airport, three hours to the port of Novorossiysk, and less than a day by sea ferry to all ports of the countries of the Black and Azov seas.

We use the technologies of the Israeli company AquaMaof Aquaculture Technologies Ltd, the leader in recirculation technologies with 30 years of experience.